Inflatable SUP or hard SUP?… that's the topic of discussion between many paddlers, and one that many find hard to answer. While any flat-decked, relatively wide board works for SUP yoga, boards designed for doing yoga poses tend to be extra wide with blunt ends. However, even though the boards are very safe, there are definitely pros and cons. The downside to increased durability is that the board might be heavier than a less-durable inflatable stand up paddle board with similar dimensions.

B. Pick a quality inflatable SUP - Aim for the best inflatable paddleboard for your money. You will be enjoying your inflatable board for a long time. Please use our SUP board length size guides below to find the best suited stand up paddle board to you. It's a great choice for a family board - even kid-sized paddlers will have fun … yet easily provides on-the-water enjoyment and exercise for adults up to 230 lbs.

Transport your SUP board and paddle in a protective bag to prevent damage. Of the boards I reviewed, I felt the least wobbly on the Ride; stable and secure in the water, I'd recommend it for beginners who are the least sure of their balance. The kit includes an inflatable board, deluxe lightweight paddle, one removable fin, front bungee for storage, backpack, carrying handles, repair kit and a manual pump with PSI gauge.

Typically, the large center fins can be removed on inflatable SUP boards to help with storage. ISUPs are also very versatile and can be used for various SUPing activities such as: racing, fishing, surfing, adventuring and cruising. Stand Up Paddle boards are longer, wider, and more buoyant than traditional surfboards, which enables you to comfortably balance on them.

If you are looking for a shorter inflatable board so you have more maneuverability than with the longer boards, and you need a higher weight capacity the Peak SUP board may be the perfect one for you. Many pumps are two-way, as in they can pump air out of the board as well as inflate it. Two-way pumps usually have a switch at the pump's main cylinder.

The 14′ board weighs just under 40 pounds and will fit in a duffle or other standard size” bag, so that it can fly as normal checked luggage with no surcharges beyond any standard luggage fees. Many boards come with a waterproof backpack in which you can roll up and store your deflated paddle board.

Whether you are learning standup paddling or doing SUP Yoga poses, you will not keep on slipping on the wet board. The boards inflatable stand up paddle board expansive deck pad gives you ample room for yoga, Pilates and any other fitness related activity. We've got the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards to buy this year to let you cruise through calm waters or glide over choppy waves.

Welcoming competitors from around the world, the inaugural competition took place in November last year and saw 20 teams fight it out in the Caribbean sea, racing on 4-person Red Dragon boards in a series of laps in the ocean, and fighting to be crowned the paddle board world champions.

The adjustable bungee on the nose of the board kept my waterproof bag safe and secure, too. It's hard to beat our tried-and-true combo of top quality inflatable paddle boards for a price that won't break the bank. They're also great for surfing. The majority of SUP paddle boarders don't surf'”they paddle around on flat water.

I've been paddling inflatable SUP boards for a couple of years currently associated with that point I even have become an inflatable paddle guy. The Tower is also exceptionally rigid, being able to function the same as your standard hard board. The Naish Glide Air 12'0” is designed for paddlers wanting a versatile, user-friendly board for all-around cruising, long distance touring and family fun.

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